Technical Fittings

Blind Lifting Mechansim „Easy Lift“

• EASY-LIFT is mainly used for wall units and cupboards. (also suitable for use with tall cabinets).
• For cabinet heights up to max. 2.000 mm and cabinet widths form 200 mm to 1.200 mm
• The Easy-Lift system ca be used with front- or built-on guiding systems but also with grooved-in guiding tracks.
• Low space requirement in the upper cupboard area (hardly any loss of space)
• This lifting mechanism oly requires a blind mat in the length of the internal cabinet height.
• This lifting mechanism ensures that the blind runs smoothly and contiunously - it stops at any desired position.
• Technology under removable top panel - very service friendly!

Sliding Mechanism for removable Cabinet Top Panels

This sliding mechanism is fixed to the cabinet side panel with dowels.

The laterally grooved top panel is pushed onto the fittings from the front. In this way, the top panel can be positioned exactly to the front edge of the cabinet and then be fixed from above with srews.




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